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Hospital Information System

  Diagnostic Lab
  Human Resource Management System

Front Office

It provides complete front office automation. Integrated with the main database and other modules, it provides easy access to all the information required at the front office through an efficient and convenient retrieval system. It helps in assisting patient with precise information and supports in handling patient related enquiries efficiently. This module having excellent features and advanced search facilities improves the quality of services rendered to the user

Patient Registration and In-Patient Admission: Out-patients can get registered, get their appointment number, while inpatients can get admitted.

Doctor Information and Visits: Information about the consultants, their profiles and schedules

Bed Positions and Bed Allocations/Transfers: Maintenance of each bed and allocation with integration to respective tariffs and financial modules.

Rooms and Tariff: Maintenance of each bed and allocation with integration to respective tariffs and financial modules.

Advances: Advance Payments and their integration with Finance module.

Issue of Lab Reports: Integration with Diagnostics module

Patient Enquiry Detail information about patient, room/ward and status.


Billing module helps in smooth and hassle free billing at the Billing counter. It facilitates cashier and billing operations for different categories of patients like Outpatient, Inpatient and Referral. It provides automatic posting of charges related to different services like bed charges, Diagnotics conducted, drugs issued, consultant's fee, etc. This module provides for credit partly billing and can be seamlessly integrated with the Financial Accounting Module. The billing module is extensively flexible by which different  billing plans can be configured to automatically accept or deny. The Billing Screens is used for In-patient and Outpatient Billing and Invoicing.
Requisition: Requisition of investigation for OP and IP are generated, Investigation report is accepted and bill is added.

Inpatients For inpatients daily bill status is maintained by an integration of bills from pharmacy, diagnostics, rooms/beds, consultation etc.

Packages: Packages are considered to take into account the relevant package for billing.

Room/Bed Change: Any change in the room/bed is noted with exact time and rents and bills are calculated accordingly.

Discharge Summary: Advanced are also maintained and the discharge summary is generated at the time of discharge with item-wise billing and due amount.
Ward Management

 This module helps in the effective ward management. Progress sheets are maintained for each patient, Doctors’ ICU orders and Critical Care Readings are taken as input and Critical Care Usage Report is generated. Drug and Lab requisitions are generated and passed to the respective sections automatically. It is possible to see the complete case history of the patient with progress sheets, Lab reports, Medications records etc. by a single click.

Hospital Administration and Maintenance

It enables smooth and efficient administration of all sections and processes in the hospital. Rooms and Tariffs can be maintained and administered. Packages can be created. Contract details can be configured and maintained. And a comprehensive MIS covering patients, consultants, staff and processes enables the administrators to take quick decisions and in-time interventions..

All equipments are maintained with their details. Database of vendors of equipments is maintained. AMC details, complaints registration, work allocation, service management and other maintenance related processes are also automated.




The pharmacy module provides complete automation to hospital pharmacy. It is integrated with other modules to enable the smooth supply of drugs and centralized billing. The masters are maintained for the drug types, drug details, drug supplier, stock position, setup margin for drugs requisition etc,

Purchase and Requisition

It automates the complete purchase process. Margin for Drug Requisition is maintained in the Masters. Comparing it with the stock position it generates enquiry. Quotations from vendors are maintained. An MIS system helps in taking the decision. After due approval from the authorities. Purchase, Transfer and Issue Indents are maintained.

Receipts and Issues

Drugs are received either directly or through purchase orders and stock is updated. Issue of drugs to departments, IP, OP, ward-wise etc. are maintained and respective reports are generated.


Diagnostic Lab

This system is for managing the diagnostic lab in the hospital. Tariffs and normal values are maintained in the Masters. The system enables the creation of Tariff packages. Investigation entries are accepted as input and Investigation report is generated. It processes the lab requisition from the wards or OP. Daily Lab Test Report is also generated. 

This module starts with receiving the online request from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests. The Laboratory module supports to perform various Tests are grouped under various sections and sample type (specimen). Based on the request the user can input the sample and generate the sample number. Results can be entered based on the sample type either to one test or multiple tests. If the test result requires approval, the supervisor has to approve the result and it is made available to concerned doctors



The financial module is integrated with all other modules and gives both centralized financial accounts and also the unit-wise status. It facilitates creation of groups, Maintenance of ledgers and sub-ledgers, and accepts receipts and vouchers as input. It instantly generates Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statements and all relevant Financial Reports. The Financial Accounting Screens describe about the Account Payable, Account Receivable and General Ledger. Also describe the activities related to IP, OP, Bank related activities and provision to clearing the Supplier Invoice and keep track of the Account Receivable and Revenue related activities. It is integrated with Purchase, Billing and other processes to provide financial solution to these processes.,


Human Resource Management System

This is the complete HR solution for a hospital. It takes personal information of all employees as input and maintains the record of their salaries, provident Fund, Attendance, Leaves, Earnings and Deductions, Advances and Balances, Taxes, Duties, and other relevant data. deals with Pay (and deduction) calculation, printing of salary slip, salary certificates, and PF statements, Gratuity Statement and provides a monthly analysis.

It deals with the maintenance of employee bio-data, Attendance / Overtime details.

It also reports on absenteeism, leave encasements etc. The Personnel & Payroll department is responsible Employee Related Activities like appointing the staff, maintaining the employee database, Fixing allowances and deductions, Leave entitlements, Leave sanctions, Loan, Termination Process, Maintenance of Hospital documents, Insurance details, Tenancy Contracts and Vehicle Registration.



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