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Expertise and Achievements

Islamic Law of Inheritance
First to develop the complete solution to Islamic Law of Inheritance. Islamic Law of Inheritance is a vast and complicated legal-financial system. Successful completion of its complete automation has provided us a deep insight of both Financial and Legal domains.
Islamic Multimedia
Developed Children’s Stories, Educational Contents and other innovative Islamic content products in 2D and 3D Flash.
Urdu Computing
Among the Pioneers in Urdu Computing Solutions. Developed first Unicode based Urdu website in India and the First Urdu Software in India
School and Hospital Automation
Among the Pioneers in School and Hospital Automation Packages in India
Business Areas
Software Development
Website Development
Multimedia Flash Work
Training and KPO in Technology and School Education
Islamic Finance
Publishing Industry
VB, .Net and Java
Flash and Maya
HTML, Flash,
SQA , Testing and
Testing Tools
Pioneers and Innovators
Islamic Multimedia Content
Urdu Unicode Solutions
Islamic Financial Solutions
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