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College Insight

College: Insight is a new kind of IT solution for Academic management-one that adds value across and beyond the College and its modes of operation. College: Insight allows the College to empower students, tutors and departmental staff to make use of the academic and College information wherever and whenever they choose. ABRIF has Insight of student and learning management systems increasingly converging.

With College: Insight your administrative function is no longer confined within the four walls of the College but is allowed to break through the conventional approach to management information and student management.
It incorporates Three highly developed key modules:

Admissions: Insight
Student: Insight
Program:  Insight
HRMS:  Insight
Admissions : Insight

It fulfils all a College needs across the whole of the admissions and recruitment process; from inquiry’s through to applications, across marketing and finally to interviews and offers.
The functional components include: ·

  • Inquiry processing
  • Application Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Correspondence Management
  • Interview Scheduling
Student : Insight

This component is the definitive repository of personal and course-related information about students. The approach to student and course information is intended to combine flexibility with economy and reliability of data-capture, data processing and the assimilation of data for management information.
The functional components include:

  • Course and Program Construction 
  • Registration and Enrolment 
  • Fees and Invoicing
  • Grants, Loans and Sponsorship
  • Statutory Reporting and Statistical Analysis
  • Student Assessment
Program : Insight

It facilitates construction of both modular and non-modular programs through the use of well defined rules and processes. The innovative design of Program: Insight ensures that College schemes can be described in ways that are sympathetic to their academic goals and characterization.
The functional components of Program: Insight includes

  • Scheme Planning and Validation
  • Student Progression
  • Assessment Correspondence
  • Student, Room, Exam, and Module Time tabling
  • Examining Board Management
Award Classification and Assessment
HRMS : Insight

This module as the name suggests covers overall human resource management.
The following master details are gathered pertaining to

Employees’ details:  Gathers all the master data of the employees regarding their date of joining, pay details, and personal details

Attendance:  This keeps track of the attendance of the employees and their leaves.

Payroll:  This generated the payroll for all the types of employees keeping in view of their eligibility. It also facilitates the provision of statutory obligations


  • Employee Details                                · Departments
  • Professional Tax                                 · Provident Fund Handling
  • Staff Advances                                    · Wage Record
  • Employee Attendance                         · Earnings & Deductions
  • Memos                                                · Department wise Employee List
  • Designation wise Employee List        · Advance Balance Report
  • Pay slip                                               · Salary Bank Statements
  • Year wise Employee PF        


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