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Crescent Management System

The objective of the product is to integrate different processes in the office of an NGO, and thereby assist in planning, coordinating, managing and executing different activities in effective and efficient manner. An NGO carries out a complex and wide range of activities with limited human and material resources. The success of depends upon the successful, balanced and coordinated accomplishment of these activities. Being a voluntary organization its workforce is not available full time. It always faces the scarcity of resources. The problem is more significant in cities and big towns where workforce as well as the activities is spread over large geographical areas In this scenario successful management of a non profit depends on well-coordinated efforts with intelligent distribution and use of human and material resources and well-informed in-time decisions.

 Crescent facilitates this by integrating the processes and proposing the right resource-distribution and actions.


It keeps the records of all members, office bearers, , donors, employees and volunteers. Their leaves are suitably processed and recorded. Their available time is maintained. System proposes suitable persons for any activity based on his talent and available time. It tracks an individual’s activities and growth and proposes timely interventions to the authorities e.g. training packages, disciplinary actions etc. For donors, it takes as input the value of their promised donations and generates periodical reminders and tracks their actual donations vis-à-vis the promised ones.


This is the prime most and a very exhaustive module covering all aspects of  activities. Event Manager automates the planning and execution of all the events. Once the event is planned, an Event will be created in the system. The events will have many activities, sub-activities and super-sub-activities. Each of them will have time deadline and will be assigned to suitable person, group or department.

The system will follow up to ensure the completion of each super-sub-activity, sub-activity, activity and the whole event within the decided time frame. The invitations will be generated according to the type of the event to the respective guests.

Invitees are recorded and properly followed up. Documents can be stored and referred.
The module has integration with Inventory. All required resources are popped up for selection. Selected resources are located in the respective stores which when accepted are automatically requisitioned.


It is the complete automation of the inventory and stores. Each stock item is recorded. Their stock is tracked and as soon as the stock reduces to a preset critical minimum value system proposes the purchasing order to purchase the new stocks. Once the order gets due approval, goods is purchased and automatically added to the stock, simultaneously generating the voucher and updating the account data.

Main features of this module are;

  • Stock Record:  That includes stocks like benches, blackboards, relief material, etc.
  • Inventory Maintenance.
  • Vendor Record
  • Purchase Order
  • Payments and return


The solution is great help in the financial management, control and bookkeeping. It takes the annual budget and automatically proposes the financial elements of a scheme or project. It keeps updated accounts, ledger, stocks etc. It posts reminders to individual donors for their pending donations. It allows tracking the flow of money in a secure and accurate environment. Sophisticated functionality streamlines transactions and provides instant access to all financial data, from summary views to transaction-level drill-down detail.

It manages and processes accounts payable and accounts receivable. It generates financial statements, budgets and other advanced financial reports at any time they are needed.

Features include;

  1. Receipts
  2. Vouchers
  3. General Ledger
  4. Cash Book
  5. Donor follow-up
  6. Integration with other modules
  7. Automatic generation of balanced sheet, financial statements and advanced financial reports at any point of time.



The survey module is a user configurable automation tool for any kind of survey. The ERP will provided many Boolean, textual, numerical, and choice based fields.  The field names are user defined. The user will select the suitable fields and will give them the names. He will also give the choices for choice based fields. Once it is done, the survey form is generated. Data is collected, entered and required survey reports is generated.

The tool will automate the surveys, polls, opinion polls etc. of any kind.

Reports and Analysis

It ensures that all the information needed is always available at the fingertips. It can generate at any point of time any of the following reports;

  • About an individual, his personal studies, organizational discipline, observance of duties, his record of fulfilling assigned responsibilities etc.
  • About activities, pending work at unit level, at department or individual level etc.
  • Details of any activity.
  • Details of issues discussed, Issues pending etc.
  • All statistical reports.
  • Complete monthly reports as per the given format to be sent to zone.
  • Financial statements and Income and expenditure Report.
  • And many more …


  • Better decision-making -- Access the right information in real time to identify concerns early and pursue opportunities proactively.
  • Improved efficiency, and responsiveness – Reminds about tasks to be accomplished, overcome human negligence, forgetfulness, and carelessness.
  • Optimum use of Resources—Takes into consideration all financial aspects. Considers the available time and talents of the individual. And gives well-calculated package of resource utilization.
  • Better Achievement of the given targets--- Always follows and keep track of the targets. Is satisfied only when targets are fulfilled.
  • Reduced risk – By suggesting the well-calculated actions and resources.
  • Better financial management and corporate governance -- Gives deep visibility into the organization and fulfill needs and legal requirements.
  • Higher cadre morale and productivity -- Provides cadre self-services to boost their morale and increase productivity.
  • Elimination of Office Chores--- All calculations are automatic, major part of office work is automatic. Thereby office chores are reduced to almost null
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