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School Insight

The School Management System is a complete IT solution for the academic and non academic management of a school. With Insight the administrative function is no longer confined within the four walls of the school. With information on the fingertips and remote access facilities SMS provides easier and efficient management control.

It incorporates Four highly developed key modules


It fulfils all a School needs across the whole of the admissions and recruitment process; from inquiries through to applications, across marketing and finally to interviews and offers.
The functional components include ·

  • Inquiry processing Any inquiry on the standard format is processed and accessing the information from database proper reply is generated.
  • Application Management Application for admission on standard format is made through this. The application is automatically processed. Elgibility criterion is checked and based on school criterion admission is given.
  • Statistical Analysis It is to generate statistical admission reports.
  • Correspondence Management Facilitates all kinds of admission related correspondence.
  • Interview Scheduling Schedules for interviews are prepared automatically keeping in view the applicant strength, available timings of interviewers and other relevant details.
  • Previous School Information Generates the details of the last attended school of the students. Reports can also be generated.
  • Certificates Submitted. Complete flow of all submitted certificates is maintained and shown.
  • School Leaving Information The data of all previous students who have left the school will be maintained here.

This component is the definitive repository of personal and course-related information about students. The approach to student and course information is intended to combine flexibility with economy and reliability of data-capture, data processing and the assimilation of data for management information.
The functional components include

  • Students Personal Details Any information about any one or more students can be sought and reports can be generated.
  • Parent Details The details of the parents of the student.
  • Course and Program Construction Course and Program details of each student will be maintained here. It will also generate the course wise report.
  • Fees and Invoicing One can remit the fee here. Fee structure will be maintained and the details of fee paid by student can be monitored.
  • Grants, Loans and Sponsorship Students can be paid scholarships grants and loans. All such schemes existent in the school will be maintained and based on decided criterion the scholarship applications will be processed.
  • Statutory Reporting and Statistical Analysis
  • Student Assessment. Assessment based on decided criterion. The module will take input from other modules and generate the assessment report based on the configured criterion.
  • Students/Teacher Attendance Attendance Sheets and Reports of both student and Teacher.
  • Student/Teacher Remarks  Remarks on standard format will be maintained and suitable reports will be accordingly generated.
  • Student Mark Sheet Mark sheet generation taking input from Exam Results.
  • Students Health Health Record of the student based on standard format..
  • Lesson Plan  Lesson Plan can be made on the standard format.

Teacher Profile Profile of any teacher can be generated.


It facilitates construction of both modular and non-modular programs through the use of well defined rules and processes. The innovative design of Program ensures that School schemes can be described in ways that are sympathetic to their academic goals and characterization.
The functional components of Program includes

  • Scheme Planning and Validation  All schemes can be planned and after prior configured validations, they will get integrated with other modules for implementation.
  • Student Progression
  • Assessment Correspondence
  • Class Time Table Time Table according to the preconfigured work load and staff availability
  • Teacher Time Table Based on Time Table Record Time Table of each Teacher can be generated.
  • Class Room Positioning To facilitate the optimum space utilization.
  • Class Subject Positioning
  • Student, Room, Exam, and Module Time tabling
  • Examining Board Management
  • Award Classification and Assessment
  • Exam Syllabus
  • Exam Time Table


This module covers overall human resource management. The data of all employees is maintained. The HR is properly integrated with other module to facilitate the efficient employment of HR resources for attaining the overall objectives of the school.


  • Employee Details Details of employees on standard format.
  • Departments Details of departments on standard format.
  • Professional Tax Details of Tax on standard format with integration with the employee’s financial record.
  • Staff Advances. Ledger of the advances taken by the staff members. 
  • Wage Record Maintenance of wages and their payments.
  • Provident Fund Handling Details of PF on standard format with integration with the employee’s financial record.
  • Earnings & Deductions Maintenance of all deductions on standard format.
  • Department wise Employee List As per the input given in employee master, the details of all employees can be generated department wise.
  • Employee Attendance            Attendance data of all employees.
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