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Zakath Automator

The software application that calculates Zakath in all possible scenarios. It calculates Zakath on both individual assets and business assets in different kinds of Business set-ups. It is exhaustively Tested and Certified by reputed Ulema.

  1. Islamic Shariah intends that the Zakath must be paid after exact calculations and evaluation of the total assets. It should not be paid on random or on the basis of rough estimations.
  1. In normal scenario Zakath calculation is very simple but as the range of belongings widens, the calculations become more complex. Particularly for the businessmen, it is a difficult task to separate the Zakatable business holdings and find out the exact amount of Zakath.
  1. Since the modern businesses are quite different from those that are mentioned in classic Fiqh sources and many new scenarios and situations have emerged, many situations are not covered even in the Fiqh books.
  1. It is observed that many businessmen either do not go for exact calculations or make mistakes in the calculation of their Zakath.
  1. The software ‘Zakath Automator’ is produced to cater to this desperate need and help the payer calculate his exact Zakath.
  1. It asks a series of questions to know various kinds of personal and business assets and liabilities of the user.
  1. It estimates jewelry, bank deposits, loans receivables, all kinds of investments viz. shares debentures, equities, bonds etc.
  1. It estimates partnership firm shares, business stocks, dead stocks, receivables and other business assets.
  1. There are special provisions for some special kinds of businesses viz. Real Estate, Poultry, Livestock and cattle farms, agricultural farms etc.
  1. Along with assets it estimates the liabilities viz. loans, business loans, payable taxes, payable installments etc.
  1. After getting the complete data it calculates Zakath according to the Hanafi Fiqh and produces a report containing tables with detail Zakath calculations and final payable Zakath figure.



  1. It is prepared on the basis of the authentic books of Islamic Fiqh and fatwas.
  1. Designed by experts who do have expertise both in IT and Islamic Fiqh.
  1. Finally, it was exhaustively tested by Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, General Secreatry of Islamic Fiqh Academy, Chief Qazi, Amarat-e-Millat-e-Islamiyah Andhra Pradesh and a well known expert on Islamic Fiqh.
  1. Maulana Rahmani has issued a certificate authenticating the tool.


Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani Sb’s Certificate

It says,

The company has produced this programme (Zakath Automator) in an excellent way. I examined it in detail and found it accurate and reliable and in accordance with Fiqh. I appeal to Muslims to get benefited from it and pay their Zakath in its light. May Allah give reward to the authorities of the company for this great service.Ameen.”


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